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Veterans Victims of IED Explosions May Suffer From Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (Irlen Syndrome)

Helen Irlen of the Irlen Institute changed my life when she discovered that I suffer from a severe case of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.  Roughly 50% of the human population has some form of this disorder.  Some, like me, have it bad enough that it affects the quality of their daily lives. I will outline the…


I have started CVAC "Cyclic Variations in Altitude Conditioning CVAC pod(TM)"  treatments and have created this video of the CVAC pod experience to help other discover the benefits of this amazing technology. What is a CVAC pod treatment? A CVAC pod changes air pressure. For example you may start at the equivalent air pressure at sea level then rapidly pressurizes to the equivalent air pressure on a mountain top. If you have ever made a trip to the mountains and experienced a bit of a hangover the second day from the thin air and then a boost of energy when you returned to sea level a few days later (after you body has created extra red blood cells to compensate for the lack of pressure), you have a bit of an idea of how this works). It is safe, natural, uses no chemicals. As session is the same for your body as a vigorous workout (with the benefits) without the effort. Top athletes use it to give themselves a legal edge. Those in frail health can use use the treatments to safely gain strength and endurance without effort. Because of FDA regulations it is risky for CVAC operators to talk about the actual medical conditions that it can treat. But hey I, I don't have anything to do with owning a POD, so anecdotally I can tell you what I know from the people I have met! It is still somewhat of a free country - right!? People with illnesses related to inflammation (arthritis, tendonitis, etc.) have benefited amazingly. Many have been able ditch their pharmaceuticals. If you have been injured or recently have surgery, in other words, if you need to heal - these treatment greatly accelerate healing. Ever wonder how those athletes get back on the field so soon after surgery? Injuries to the spine are especially helped and surgeons doing the new stem cell regeneration of injured spines have started recommending the CVAC treatment to make the stem cell therapy more effective. Even old injuries have been know to improve or heal. People with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other auto immune diseases (like me!!) find that it regenerates and invigorates the energy generating part of your cells (the mitochondria) . In my case this was what was damaged most by my illness. I am doing the treatments to regain the vitality that CFS took from me. My partner is doing the treatments to help with several bulging spinal discs in his back. There aren't many places you can get CVAC therapy yet, but some people predict that these pods will be standard fixtures in homes of the future (nice bathroom but where's the pod?). The numbers are growing and if you are in need, you may have to travel. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to start to really feel the benefits. You got through a short training period where the staff makes sure you can clear your ears during the pressure changes. The prices vary depending on where you go, we found the treatments at Ascent CVAC in Newport Beach, CA to be affordable. You can find locations for CVAC treatments on their web page: UPDATE: January 10, 2014 It has been since early November and I have been having twice a month CVAC pod treatments.  For the first time since about 1999 I have been waking up rested at dawn (rather than exhausted at noon).  This morning I spontaneously felt like taking a jog with my dog.   I am not a jogger.  EVERYONE who knows me is SHOCKED.  My brain fog has lifted and I am able to start projects I have been putting off for years.  This is nothing short of a miracle.  I have been through years of treatments, therapies, doctors, psychiatrists, this is the only thing that has helped!!!    Full disclosure, the first week of December I was diagnosed with severe Irlen Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.  I obtained corrective glasses which help my brain process visual information.  This was probably the cause of the exhaustion of my nervous system and the autoimmune issues I have experienced.   I will do a post to explain what that is all about, but I have no doubt that the special glasses and their affect on my brain processing has had a hand in this recovery for me as well.  However, although I believe the Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome is at the root of my autoimmune and exhaustion issues, the strain to my nervous system at this point in my life has been so severe that I my recovery might have taken years rather than weeks if it weren't for the CVAC Pod.  Though I have thrown scientific method out the window by doing both at once.  However, I have no reservations recommending the CVAC pod treatment for those suffering with Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia.