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Veterans Victims of IED Explosions May Suffer From Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (Irlen Syndrome)

Helen Irlen of the Irlen Institute changed my life when she discovered that I suffer from a severe case of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome.  Roughly 50% of the human population has some form of this disorder.  Some, like me, have it bad enough that it affects the quality of their daily lives.
Irlen Colored lenses

My tests resulted in finding that these colors corrected the way my brain was distorting text and gave me back depth perception.

I will outline the amazing changes that simple colored glasses have made for me in another blog. However, at a recent checkup, Helen herself told me that she has discovered that veterans who have been exposed to bomb blasts develop Scotopic Sensitivity spontaneously. I was born with it, so I learned (at great expense to my nervous system and health) to be somewhat functional with a severe case.  For an adult, a sudden onset would be debilitating. For me, the strain to my brain, trying to process the world without my Irlen colored lenses was such that my immune system practically stopped working. I spent the better part of 10 years nearly bedridden.  My symptoms were misdiagnosed by dozens of doctors and psychiatrists.  My concern is that veterans are being misdiagnosed and medicated for symptoms of Scotopic Sensitivity (Irlen Syndrome), something that I can assure you, a majority of medical, psychological and neurological professionals are completely unaware of. Symptoms of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome Symptoms can include headaches, visual effects such as text wobbling, moving, flickering, blocking out, underlining, clumsiness, halo effects, a feeling of over brightness or sensitivity to light.  Without my "Irlen" colored glasses, I have no depth perception.  Can you imagine not understanding that you had suddenly lost your sense of depth?  It could be very dangerous driving not to mention just going down a flight of stairs! Several online screening methods are available at the Irlen Institute web page. Some medical professionals consider this therapy to be questionable.  As someone with first hand experience with both the syndrome and the treatment I can confidently state that those people are ignorant and misinformed.  For a medical professional ignorance is not an excuse when questioning the efficacy of this treatment in the face of mountains of evidence.  Such wrongheaded opinions by any doctor or professional entrusted with the care of other humans can only be described as wreckless and irresponsible.   For me the lenses have been life changing and my biggest concern is that it took until I was 56 years old to discover that I was losing my health, my life, my livelihood, and my future, for lack of colored glasses. Florida Blocks Treatment of Veterans's Afflicted by Scotopic Sensitivity  The State of Florida, bowing to lobbyist's hired by resident Optometrists have made it illegal to practice Irlen therapy. Can you imagine? A serious neurological condition that is treated with simple colored glasses has been made illegal because the Florida's scared and greedy Optometrists are threatened by it.  SHAME ON YOU!  That means that veterans suffering from this syndrome must leave the State to receive treatment.  Anyone should be outraged, but residents of Florida should raise holy hell by calling out the lobbyists, politicians responsible for needlessly preventing their citizens from being helped not to mention inflicting needless additional suffering and hardship on wounded veterans, our nations hero's.

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