Frank Rogala

Tibetan Singing Bowls for Healing

Last night I did a Tibetan singing bowl ceremony. A couple weeks ago I had no idea what a singing bowl was. Then I saw some for sale in Quartzite and my partner thought they might be good for the recording studio. A friend told me she has been going to a "singing bowl" gathering in Pasadena for years. It is hosted by a successful retired couple at their lovely home and after the ceremony they serve a meal grown in their garden. Everyone makes a $30 donation which goes towards building an orphanage in Tibet. They used the bowls as a part of a guided meditation. Everyone got comfy with cushions on the floor. There were dozens of bowls everywhere. They started with some yoga stretches and then we laid down and were guided through a meditation. That was when I learned that these bowls and their various frequencies are used for all kinds of healing and chakra clearing purposes. They go through musical scales with them. I happened to lay next to the biggest bowl (very deep almost subwoofer type long lasting tones) in the room An especially resonant large gong (sounded like a turbulent ocean) was also used. The ringing frequencies of the many bowls interacted and rang in crazy circles around us and they also rang bowls set upon our check and forehead. If you have heard recordings of these bowls, I can assure you that recordings pale in comparison to the real thing. The vibrations can be felt down to your bones. Afterwards, a pesky sore tight shoulderblade (that I had been to Shiatsu for - twice) was finally pain free! I will go again when I return to CA next November, it was a wonderful experience with really nice people.

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