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Banggood Clothing – Beware, Poor Quality, No Support!


A friend persuaded me to try the company whose ad he had seen in his Facebook feed. offered "wholesale" men's fashions. "More bang for your buck" is one of their slogans.

I'm not one to support environmentally ridiculous Chinese manufacturing (not to mention the conditions that their workers are forced to endure), but I had been under the weather, not able to go shopping, and I thought I'd try what appeared to be their military grade pants.

Poor quality clothing with no customer support sold by Banggood of China

The slick web page selling Banggood's poor quality clothing.



Nearly a month later (sent from China by probably sent via the cheapest method possible) my pants arrived.

  • In the wrong size.
  • With a hole in the top left pocket.

Not to mention the material was flimsy and there were loose ragged threads all over the pants.

When I looked on their web page they said you had to report defects within a few days.  I don't know how they enforce this as the packaging gave no indication of when it was shipped or received.  Regardless, their web page asked for photos or video of any defects.

I dutifully took photos and sent them.

3 days later, after not hearing anything -  I sent a followup.

9 days later after no reply I threatened to contact Facebook, blog and tweet that they had been unresponsive after shipping a defective product.

I got an apology letter saying it had been Chinese New Year and they were sorry for the delay (they give you 9 days off for Chinese New Year!!).

It then took several more emails before I understood that the person communicating me had very little understanding of the English language and that what they wanted me to do was to photograph the pants with a tape measure (to demonstrate that the size was incorrect).

A hole in the pocket of pants that arrived in the wrong size from Banggood.

A hole in the pocket of pants that arrived in the wrong size from Banggood.



After I did this, there was another 5 day delay until I got this shocking response (and I quote).
date:Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 12:04 AM
subject:Re:Re: ?????:Re: ?????:Re: ?????:Fwd: Banggood Order Number: #4614460 Order Date: 01/28/2015 15:01:12

i so sorry the inconvenience for you,would you please sell this pants for us because the shipping pants is so expense.and if you like this pants,you could buy another one with $ you think so?hoping for your understanding.

looking forward your early reply

best regard



At this point, I had had it - sensing "a teachable moment" I felt it my responsibility to educate the Chinese on proper free market etiquette.

 This is my response:

What we have here is a failure to communicate.
When you sell a product with quality control problems it is not customary when doing business - to leave the mess and cost to the customer to clean up.
This has already been an expense, waste of time and inconvenience for me.
China is famous for this type of problem, I did not believe it was still happening - now I do.
Your company's logic (I imagine it is a shortsighted, ill advised supervisor making you do this) dictates that you want me to sell your defective products to someone else to get the money to pay you more money in order to receive the pants I originally ordered in the proper size?!
It is the job of a retailer to make sure their product is in order before selling it. Not the job of the customer to deal with your shoddy problems.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken my money for something I have no use for, pants in the wrong size with a hole in the pocket but the good news is you can tell your manager you successfully saved your company the cost of replacing it's defective product.
As a SEO specialist I will make sure that anyone searching for "reviews Banggood men's clothing" will find a blog story, YouTube video and web postings about how your company failed to execute enough quality control to sell pants in the proper size with a pocket without holes.
As soon as I am done publicly posting the problems I have had with your product, I am done with you.

UPDATE 7/4/15

Here is an update.  I received an email approximately two months after this was posted as follows:

Dear friend,

Thanks for your kindly understanding,our customer service have get your a refund,please check it with your PayPal account within 48 hours.

After you get the refund.could you please delete the reviews about us in the google? please get me a chance.and i learn this lesson and will deal with thing with more careful.

Looking forward you reply.

so sorry to inconvenience casued.





I did get finally get a refund through PayPal. Hopefully, they learned something.  But I am done buying pants through the mail directly from China.  I did not post any reviews on Google, just this blog (as mentioned in Rumun's email above), just this blog.

Today I got this email:

Dear Frank Rogala ,

We are sorry for sending you the faulty item ,I have checked your order #4614460 was refunded .

If you need any other question ,please feel free to contact .

Best regards

I believe the subtext is: you got your money back so "no harm no foul" right?   Wrong!

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