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EXUDE’s 1980’s EP “Safe With You” restored by Powderworks Records and available on iTunes

There are other EXUDE's (musical performing groups) out there laying claim to the name, and just because I currently can't afford a lawyer to kick their asses, doesn't mean I won't.  We were the first EXUDE, forming in 1978.  All these other jokers would have had to do was do a Google search to learn that their brilliant idea for a name had already been taken.  EXUDE had two videos (Chatanooga Choo Choo and Safe With You) that appeared on MTV as well as one (Hellhead) that appeared nationally on ABC TV.  EXUDE had a worldwide hit record, several with major label distribution, so why would other bands use the same name?  Opportunism? Laziness?  Stupidity?   You be the judge.  All I know is that I have prior use and I will come after safe_with_youthe jokers using our name! I was the lead vocalist for EXUDE, best know for the parody of Cyndi Laupers "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" (EXUDE's version was "Boys Just Want To Have Sex").  Our career hit a sharp bump when Greenworld Records vanished into intrigue and bankruptcy (even though the EXUDE record was one of the label's most successful top selling releases). We soldiered on, but in the 1980's, with no internet, not having distribution made it nearly impossible for us to be heard.  Issuing "Safe With You" on our own shortly after inking a deal with an Australian label (that later became Powderworks Records).   The label made financing a music video for "Safe With You" possible.  The "Safe With You" video went on to win the final MTV Basement Tapes video competition.  For its time, the "Safe With You" video was extremely expensive, rivaling the budget of contemporary Michael Jackson's music videos.  The Australian label cherry picked one of MTV Australia's favorite directors (Anthony Egan) flew him and his crew to the USA, as well as hiring fledgling producer Dan Lenbenthal (now best known as the editor for Iron Man).   Powderworks Records is also restoring the "Safe With You" video and will soon make it available. The "Safe With You" EP has been lovingly restored by Powderworks Records and is now available on iTunes.  If you like 1980's music - check it out! '

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