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(continued) Meaning that this became a "lost" record.  It was never distributed to stores or available for sale.  Isolated, and in a vacuum of their own making, Exude sounded like no one else in their time. Lovingly packaged by Greenworld Record's graphics extraordinaire, Dave Baker, the album was to be the the band's first chance to have its self be heard and seen in a fully professional package.  The band was able to perform at a record release party at the seminal Hollywood Club Madam Wongs West  in a legendary show that unleashed fire eaters and sword dancers (with real swords) into the audience.  The song  "Billy" was chosen by Elvis Costello, Mark Knopfler, T-Bone Burnett and Musician Magazine as the best unsigned band in America.   Unaware that they had been cast as a parody band, Exude trudged on, as they always did in the face of difficulty and continued writing "serious" music.

(partial) Album Credits for Play With The Boys by EXUDE:
Produced by Frank Rogala, Vince Rogala, Robin Canada
Frank Rogala: lead vocals
Vince Rogala: sax, synth, backing vocals
Robin Canada: piano, synth, backing vocals
Mike Woznak: bass


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