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(continued) Vince plugged his sax into looping delays and a wah pedal and immersed the band in the swirling sounds he could now produce.  Again using the ¼” 8-track Teac reel to reel the band, again using electronic drums extremely programmed with "nuance" and "feel”  to closely match the sound of a live drummer).

(partial) Album Credits for The Happiest Place On Earth by NC-17:

Recorded in NC-17's garage studio
Produced by: Frank Rogala, Vince Rogala and Robin Canada
Frank Rogala: lead vocals
Vince Rogala: sax, keyboards, backing vocals, drum programming
Robert Anthony Aviles: electric violin
Robin Canada: keyboards, backing vocals, drum programming
Chuck Hohn: drums
Ron Perron: bass
Cover Photo:  Catherine Eny



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