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(continued) contacted by Kent Pickering, now of Powderworks Records of Australia who negotiated not only a buy out of their debut EP but also this single.  Pickering financed a video for the unheard of budget of $20,000.  Flying the director Tony Egan from down under.  The video was shot on a soundstage in Burbank.   It features a silent movie segment that meant creating a desert with tents, sand and stuntman playing Arabian Knights at battle.  Robin Canada shined playing a decadent board Rudolph Valentino.  The featured bellydancer, Jo Larson, choreographed much of the action on the stop with the stunt men.  Safe with You was produced by Dan Lebenthal.  After the director of the clip, Australian Tony Egan, Dan begged to recut it. The money was not available, and low-cost editing methods were not available as they are today. Dan went on to edit the mega-successful Ironman movies.  We also wish that he had had his crack at this video.  The video in its existing form was aired by MTV's Basement Tapes (Exude was the only band ever to have been featured twice on this show) and in an American Idol like national vote it won the final competition at the end of this show's run. Winners of the show normally received extra airplay on MTV. However, in the case of this video it wasn't happening. When representatives of the band called producers at MTV they found out that the slots had been given to a new hot up-and-coming band named-Milli Vanilli! (True story!).


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