Frank Rogala

In the open letter to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger: Due to a clerical error, that a California government office has delayed correcting, I may be forced to file for disability. I know you would not want anything you are associated with to be run in a way that has caused this situation. I have been told by the California DMV that due to a clerical error (no fault of mine), I may not be able to receive a corrected vehicle title, and thus be unable to sell my car, for up to a year. I have recently been diagnosed with a disabling illness, and I'm struggling to stay productive and stay off disability.  However, if I am unable to sell my car, I may have no choice. Approximately 1 year ago I purchased a 2006 Honda Civic from a student who needed to return to China and who could not afford to keep up payments. Apparently, a typographical error was made by someone at either the DMV or the DMV operations at AAA (where I registered as the new owner), and the new title that was generated showed the mileage to be 130,000 miles (rather than 13,000 miles). I started the correction process in August, and have been told that it could take over 90 days. This process included taking the vehicle to a DMV office for inspection to verify that it had not been tampered with.   Today, now that it is over 90 days, I was told at the DMV in Fullerton California, that the correction to my title could take over a year! I understand the reason for this delay is to assure that nothing was done to alter the mileage.  However, since: ·    the car was purchased from a dealer by the student (I bought it from) only a few months earlier, with only a few thousand miles on it. ·    I have no criminal record. ·    The previous owner has no criminal record. ·    The vehicle has been inspected by the DMV When I talk to relatives in other states, they have never heard of something like this taking 90 days  (let alone a year) to correct. My family lives in Michigan.  In August my widower father had a stroke that partially disabled him, I had been staying with him on and off over the past year since my mother passed away, to give his caregiver a break (dad has Alzheimer’s).  The year before that I traveled back at every opportunity to visit with my mother who was dying of terminal cancer.  Over these two years I have become nearly bedridden with an illness (that was just diagnosed in October). My time with my parents, and my illness sapped my income and even though at the time I purchased the car I was able to afford it, I am no longer able to keep it. However, due to this typographical error, I am unable to sell the car and this virtually new car has been parked in my driveway under a cover depreciating several thousand dollars while I wait for this title correction. I would appreciate anything you could do to help. Regards, Frank Rogala

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  1. January 23, 2008 at 10:52 am

    After last been told by a staff member at the Fullerton, California DMV office that “the correction of the vehicle title could take up to a year!” – I am elated!

    After I posted the open letter to the governor (above), I found a link for e-mails to the governor on the .gov site for a state of California. I sent an e-mail consisting of the same information as the open letter here.

    I received an e-mail reply asking me to send a hard copy in snail mail along with any relevant dates or documents. It didn’t look like a form letter, it looked and felt as if someone actually read and was replying directly to my e-mail.

    I did this immediately and I am very happy to report that I was personally phoned by an official from the DMV about five days ago. She asked me a couple of questions regarding who I talk to in where she thought my current documents might be (Sacramento DMV). Within a day I had received another call from her informing me that my documents had found and that a new title should be on its way. I returned home the night before last and found the new title in my mail!

    I'm glad to report that I was right in thinking that someone who had come up through the system the way that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had, would never want a government with his name on it to let something like this happen. I must say that Governor Schwarzenegger and his staff have earned my respect!By the way, I am not able to sell my "like new" Honda Civic 2006! Look for my ad at, the Recycler or LA Times. Its the one in Anaheim with the 6 year, 100,000 certified warranty and lifetime lo jack, in galaxy grey with ipod jack, 16,700 miles. It's a GREAT car! I wouldn't sell it if I didn't have to.

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