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Federal Airport Security vs. my Sirus S-50 Remote Control

I have recently heard that Federal Airport Security has started to prevent passengers from boarding a plane with toy remote control devices.  Understandable!  Whose to say what that remote could trigger in the luggage department or wherever.  I don't want to take that chance – tell Junior to stow it in a suitcase -  he can play when he get's to grandma's. However, I believe that overzealous security officers have removed remote devices from my stowed luggage!  Twice! I travel a lot and I always take my Sirius S-50 with me.  Last month when I got home I could not find the Sirius S-50 remote when I unpacked.  Now it is a small device, however, I pack everything very carefully.  I put small electronic items in small boxes, wrapped in paper or plastic bags and label them.  I travel so much that I have a definite system.  I even separate the S-50 from its base and wrap it separately. Thinking the only explanation was that I had left the device at my cabin, I bought another.  This month I had to travel again.  I packed the replacement S-50 remote as I had before and when I arrived and unpacked was missing again!  On top of that, when I reached my cabin, after searching it from top to bottom I concluded that I actually had, as I remembered, packed the first S-50 remote.

Sirus S-50 Remote Control

I have no problem with complying with policies that are in place to protect my safety, however, I know of no policy that prohibits packing remote control's in luggage.  I would think if this was some kind of an issue a reasonable alternative would be to ask passengers to separate the batteries from the device.  But hey, I am not one to argue if I am asked not to travel without any remote at all.  Just let me know – don't just take my property. Perhaps there are officers who misunderstood the new “remote” directive?  If so, could someone PLEASE explain to our fine officers that a stowed remote can't be touched, and thus cannot trigger anything. I can assure you the most trouble my stowed S-50 Remote could cause would be to  flip on a stored Howard Stern episode, but then a little lesbian dial a date never hurt anyone!

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