Frank Rogala

Cure for hysterical reactions to thunder and lightening by dogs?

I just heard this one.  My family had a dog that was scared to death by lightening and thunder. I looked online and did all the cures that were suggested there including:
  1. Harp music
  2. Soft music
  3. Small doses of melatonin (worked somewhat)
  4. Caging in a covered cage
Nothing really worked.  Poor Sassie was just terrified and to see this brave guardian and faithful friend so sacred was heartbreaking. She is gone now, but I just heard this cure.  Maybe it will help someone else.  I know this sounds weird, but here it is. Get a plain white cotton tee shirt (has to be "white" for some reason).  Put the white tee shirt on the dog. Now the explanation I have heard for this is that the static electricity in the air, the cotton of the shirt, it all does something that calms the dog. I know of one family that heard this and tried it and said that it worked like a miracle.  If anyone else has tried it or anything else that works I'd like to know.

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